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Construction Gravel

We deliver for you!


Artisan Stone Products has the widest selection of construction gravel in central Illinois. Whether you are a contractor, builder, municipality or county, or a homeowner, we can help you get your project done quickly. Our bulk inventory area has wide-open spaces for contractors to quickly and easily load product.

Call 217-697-8433 now and find out how we deliver for YOU!

  • All highest quality

  • Acceptable for do-it-yourself and state- and federal-certified highway work, civil and state projects.

Artisan Stone Products can help your driveway look and function much better - call us at 217-697-8433 for driveway gravel.

CA-6 / Driveway Gravel

  • Used as a base for retaining walls, roads, pavers, etc.


CA-7 / Clean Gravel

  • Approximately one inch in size

  • Used for roads and back filling walls and miscellaneous

  • Used as a decorative rock

  • Used for drainage rock (but will melt over time)


RR-2 / 2-3" Clean Riprap

  • Used for preventing erosion from water runoff on low-grade slopes and drainage ditches

  • Helps preventing the sprouting of weeds

  • Used in the base layer of driveways and gravel parking lots

Artisan Stone Products in Springfield, IL carries in-stock RR-2 / 2-3" Clean Riprap for slopes and drainage ditches, base layer of driveways and gravel parking lots. Call  217-697-8433.

RR-3 / 3-9" Clean Riprap 

  • Large and heavy

  • Ultimate choice for erosion control in waterways and high concentrations of water flow

  • Prevent and control erosion along lakes, streams, rivers, and ponds.

  • Protect streambeds, bridge abutments, pilings and other shoreline structures

  • Deterrent to foot traffic from pedestrians. 

  • Fill ditches or large holes

  • Railroad ballast

  • Create retaining walls

  • Sometimes known as “Filter Rock”


Bulk Inventory Drone Video

Construction Gravel Bulk Inventory Photos

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