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Natural stone used for outcroppings is typically a collection of rugged, irregular pieces used to create the natural look of exposed rock face. It can also provide the impression of an established landscape.


Outcroppings can be used to create transitions between areas, to create a natural waterfall, to hold back slopes, to create a unique rock garden or for retaining walls, steps or as dramatic accent pieces in landscape beds. A natural look is achieved by burying the bottom part of the stones into the earth, so it appears to be uncovered. Burying part of the rock into the ground stabilizes it and allows for more exact positioning. Plantings can also be used to blend outcroppings into the surrounding landscape.


We have various sizes and widths of outcroppings available. Smaller pieces can be installed by two people without heavy machinery; larger pieces will require machinery to set into place. View our selection of natural stone outcroppings at our beautifully landscaped outdoor showroom in Springfield Illinois or call 217-697-8433 for more information.

* Special Order: please call 217-697-8433 or visit Artisan Stone Products for details.

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