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Stone Signage and Engraving

Engraved stone signage is attractive, long-lasting and elegant. Stone signs can handle weather, watering, mowing and foot or pet traffic for many maintenance-free years.

Engraved stones can be used in many ways: 

  • Engraved address stones, house markers or welcome signs: can be inserted into a wall or mailbox, sit next to steps or on the porch, create custom mailboxes

  • Engraved memorial stones

  • Engraved garden stones: marker stones and stone posts

  • Engraved architecture stones: engraved hearth stones, keystones, or decorative stone inserts

  • Engraved stone gifts: anniversary, retirement, wedding, new baby, birthday, Mother's Day or Father's Day gifts, engraved American flag stones, for someone's yard, garden or landscape

  • Engraved stone benches: honor a special person, remember the passing of a loved one or celebrate weddings and anniversaries. Also see our Stone Age Creations memorial benches...

  • Pet memorial engraved stones: special and unique pet-family memorial stones to remember your furry family members can display paw print images, breed image, a phrase, name, date, or custom photo.


Engraved stone can be used for business or commercial, government, education or organization buildings: 

  • Engraved commercial sign stones: architectural accents or address stones are a great way to advertise your business location, and save time and money over maintaining wood or metal signage. Commercial signage boulders may be allowed within current zoning and regulations where standard signage may not be.

  • Engraved stone signs enhance subdivision, church, school, developments, cities, counties, villages or gated community entrances.

  • Way-finding, identification and directional signage for residential and commercial properties

  • In-ground markers: can be walked on and mowed over without suffering damage; can be buried deeply to eliminate the need for concrete footings; can be relocated if necessary.

  • Engraved stone markers for milestone events: retirements, tree dedications, fundraising bricks.


Design for signage intended to be experienced from vehicles should take speed, distance and size into consideration to be easily viewed and to make a great first impression. At Artisan Stone Products, we understand the important aspects of designing signage and have experience to guide you to make effective choices for your unique situation and needs.

Engraved stone is a traditional option for military memorials and milestones: 

  • Military insignia and patriotic stones: hail, farewell, appreciation, retirement, recognition, and achievement gifts

  • Military monuments, markers, plaques, and benches

  • Civic and veteran memorials, custom military unit stones, honoring fallen heroes from the various military branches, first responders, and public servants


Artisan Stone Products considers it a privilege to serve these communities and organizations.

Due to the custom nature of the work, engraved stone projects take from 1 to 3 weeks to complete, depending on the size of the project and complexity of the design.

Artisan Stone Products has in-stock and ready-to-order engraved stone designs, and can provide custom engraved stones for any occasion. View our in-stock and samples of stone signage and engraving at our beautifully landscaped outdoor showroom in Springfield Illinois or call 217-697-8433 for more information.

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