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Natural Formations

Unique natural stone formations are interesting natural rock sculptures that can be used to create eye-catching landscape design elements. A natural outdoor rock formation may form a complete design in and of itself with the sculptural beauty provided courtesy of mother nature. Natural formations can recall the exposed rock dropped by a retreating glaciers.


Natural formations can be used as focal points in planting beds, as backdrops for plantings, as rock platforms, for rock platforms, to attract wildlife, and to visually separate areas of the garden. Natural rock formations anchor the landscape and provide visual interest all year round, changing in interesting ways with the quality and angle of sunlight as seasons change.


Let Artisan Stone Products help find the perfect natural formation for your residence, public building or landscape project. View our selection of natural rock formations at our beautifully landscaped outdoor showroom in Springfield Illinois or call 217-697-8433 for more information.

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