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Limestone Veneers

Durable and versatile, limestone veneer is a strong, resilient, low-maintenance natural stone. With a subtle natural color range and uniform texture, limestone weathers naturally over time, gaining a natural patina and improving in appearance. 

Limestone can be split in any direction, and cut or carved into a broad array of shapes and sizes, sawn, planed, turned on a lathe or hand-worked into simple pavers or complex and interesting architectural designs. 


Limestone has a long history of use for private residences, public schools, churches, courthouses, museums, and monumental buildings. With worldwide acceptance, limestone is adaptable to various architectural styles and is popularly used as trim with brick or other materials, or to maintain the context of the surrounding area. For structures expected to endure for generations or to be expanded in the future, limestone is a great choice. Limestone used in colleges and universities over one hundred years old allows new buildings to be constructed that maintain consistency in design.


Today, limestone is used for interior and exterior building applications including cut stone, veneer, thin veneer, paving, landscape and specialty stone from simple treads and pavers to landscaping structures and bridges, to soaring cathedrals.

View our selection of natural limestone veneer at our beautifully landscaped outdoor showroom in Springfield Illinois or call 217-697-8433 for more information.

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