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Wall Stone

Versatile natural wall stone can be quarried or natural fieldstone, used for vertical stacking to add function and beauty to any landscape, garden or outdoor living area.


Strong and durable, a well-built stone wall can compliment any architectural style, from rustic charm or to an authentic historical setting. Practical uses to add function and  maximize outdoor space include as retaining walls to hold back earth, to make better use a slope with terracing to create multi-level landscape areas, and to create and separate outdoor spaces and enhance landscaping. In addition to walls, wall stone can be used to create outdoor kitchens, built-in seating or planters, outdoor fireplaces or firepits, stone water features, stone mailbox pillars, to wrap columns or hide utilities and service areas, and to compliment other hardscape such as paving, steps and gates.


Available in different sizes, types, shapes (ashlar, round, flat) and textures (sawn, weathered, moss rock, tumbled, chiseled) and from simple and muted to mixed rich earth colors, we have numerous pallets of wall stone in stock and can special order more to suit your unique project.

* Special Order: please call 217-697-8433 or visit Artisan Stone Products for details.

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